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Lewis Franco: Music

Desperate Buyers

(Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats)

Will Patton says this one reminds him of a Steely Dan song.  I think that means it succeeded at being cynical.  I was going for more of the Brother Can You Spare a Dime thing, only Gyspy Swing style, and from a Buddhist point of view.  But okay. 

I’m pullin’ out all stops, credit default swaps,
shorts, and derivatives
I’ve made a killin’ just bein’ willin’
to take what the market gives
I’ll take the dregs, I’ll take the jewels
I’ll take the chance of finding greater fools
There’s always someone willin’ to pay
Just for thought of riches some day
Frozen desire sends the price higher
Fills this world with desperate buyers
One of my exes totaled my Lexus
time for my next success
I need a new one but nothin’s doin’
I’ll have to pay for sex
Sex for free is better I guess,
but sex for money costs me much less
Except when I’m feelin lonely and bitter
I’d spend a fortune just to be with her
Frozen desire sends the price higher
Makes me one more desperate buyer
Who can tell me what they really want
Who can tell me what I really need