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Lewis Franco: Music


(Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats)
Have I made some bad decisions?  Perhaps
After so many collisions with other poor saps
The slapstick comedy and melodrama detract
From the heartbreaking tragedy in the second act
The hero's drinking beer over in the bar
The whole thing's insulting to that petulant start
To suffer the indignation of a thorough investigation
By the Agency of Environmental Devastation
And what's all this malarky about taking my car key?
Can't they see I'll never get out of this place?
I'm over a barrel and under the weather
With another bad decision staring me in the face
A jigger of gin, a tin of Ibuprofen
I view both and choose the former
Fever's getting' warmer
I've been dreamin' dreams of screamin'
Trees and polar bears
Nothing's wrong with me that a drink won't cure
Don't take my temperature
I'll feel my forehead with my own hand
And I don't need nobody by my side
That's already been tried
Oh pour me
 A scotch on the rocks a box of Ibuprofen
I view both and choose the cold one every time