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Lewis Franco: Music

Hey, Wow!

(Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats)
Hey, hey, waddya say?  
We can’t just mope around the house all day
The kids are on the playground ready to play 
Hey, hey, waddya say?
Well I’ll tell you what I say, 
And I’ll tell you what I know
You can “hey” all you wanna, 
but I’m not gonna go
A chimney sweep stays covered in soot
Heel and toes stay connected to foot
Ducks stay wet and I stay put
Right here in this rockin’ chair
Hey, hey, waddya know?  
We still have time to catch the picture show
We’re all dressed up, ready to go  
Hey, hey waddya know?
Well I told you what know, 
and I told you what I said
Soon as I’m through resting, 
I’ll be climbin in to bed
...Quarterbacks, love to take snaps  
Riled up coaches make slouchers take laps
Bands take bows, and I take naps
Now hush so I can get some peace
Well the kids start poundin’ on the table
Raising Cain, and frightening Abel
The one starts cryin’, the other starts yellin’
When will it end, there’s no tellin’
They might have been demanding ransom
They might have just been throwin’ a tantrum
The papa tried to stop an all out mutiny
He threw up his hands, he said “Follow Me!”
Then they hoofed it to the bus stop, 
and they headed downtown
Yeah they caught the movie, 
then they hit the playground
The old pro’s knees know it’s the last year 
The Jets and the Mets all know the Bronx cheer
But who really knows what was happenin’ here
That’s just how the thing played out
Hey wow, Holy Cow!  
Everybody's lookin’ happy now 
At least until the next family row 
Hey wow, Holy Cow!
Hey wow, Holy Cow!
I said Hey wow
Hey Wow
Holy…..  Cow!