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Lewis Franco: Music

The Day That We Embark

(Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats)
The day that we embark the general mood on Noah's ark
Is certainly dark, but otherwise not what you'd expect
Yes apocolypses are gloomy, but if you think that feeling bluesy
Ends the urge to merge then you'd be incorrect
Stormy weather is arousin' passions, fellas are carousin'
Fashion's tending toward the skimpy and low cut
And jealosy flares when anyone stares at anyone's butt 
Oh my lord it's comin' down
When God destroys a world, she don't mess around
But I got other troubles worryin' me
The hound's been lookin' around and not at his wife you see
Of all the gals in Zion, the one he has his eye on
Happens to be the one that I adore
I tell him, "Back off, the fox is spoken for" 
The bear checks out the duck, some sexy hippo's lookin' buxom
And the lion's chattin' up some waterfowl
That cat is always causin' trouble, he's a rascal but above all
You can see that he's an animal on the prowl
He says "Hello, Dolly" to this gorgeous Border Collie
And then he gives her the big sales pitch
The Bear says "Watch out, you're talking to my Bi…."
Bitter struggle then ensues
Between the lion and the bear, both of them full of booze
And they go brawling up and down the deck
Be careful, says the snake, someone could break a neck
The Pig would have shot 'em but a bullet in the bottom 
of a boat can spring a difficult leak to patch
So he just shrugs and pours another down the hatch
I'll see you around the bend for this is the end of my dispatch