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Lewis Franco: Music

Cuando El Rey Nimrod / Great Grandfather

(Lewis Franco)
May 21, 2017
Traditional / Lewis Franco

From an old camera on a distant island

You came to see me, Great Granfather

How I wish you could speak to me, but even if you could

I would not understand a word of your language

So how can I know just what I'm choosing?

And what was lost when your children left you stranded?

Did you think they'd find a better life?

Did you kiss them goodbye?

Once out at sea swept along by current

There was no turning back

Now your whole world's gone

I have your photograph

How I wish it could sing

You could teach me the old songs that my father doesn't remember

He says everyone sang them together for hundreds of years

People make up songs of their own now

Just whatever they happen to think of

Can you hear my song? (x3)

Can you hear me, Great Grandfather?