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Lewis Franco: Music

From "Swingin' in Daddyland" (2007)

Swingin' in Daddyland by Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats


(Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats; Lyrics by Lewis Franco (c) 2006; Music is from Nuts to You, by Austin Powell, Songs of Universal)

Have You Looked?

Swing 42

(Music by Django Reinhardt, Jewel Music Co., lyrics by Lewis Franco)

Song for Joe

Rude Awakening


Hep Cat's Holiday

(Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats; by Herbie Miles, Songs of Universal, Inc.; Arrangement by The Cats & The Fiddle)

Neighbor Girl

Honey Days

Sixty Seconds Got Together

(Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats; by Mack David & Jerry Livingston, Sprit Two Music; Arrangement by The Mills Brothers)

Little Boy From Boise

Stomp, Stomp

(Lewis Franco & The Missing Cats)
Cats & The Fiddle, Universal-MCA Music Publishing

Livin' in Daddyland

(Lewis Franco and family and friend, friend being Colin McCaffrey; Music by L.Franco; Lyrics by Diana Winn Levine and L.Franco)

September Son

From "Zip Code Please" (2003)

Make It Up

From "Your Own True Song" (2000)

You Wouldn't Have A Cowboy Without A Cow

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